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Welcome to ARTIX

ARTIX DISTRIBUTION is a Canadian company based in Quebec that specializes in the manufacturing of snow blowers and snow plows. Our products are sold in Canada and in the United States.

We offer two lines of blowers: bidirectional and inverted blowers and a line of industrial snowplows.

With more than ten years of experience, we have been able to establish a reputation on the market.

About Us
Customer relationship

The products we design, produce and assemble are synonymous with quality, so is our service, which comes from attentive listening and interest to meet your needs.

Supplier relationship

We are committed to working with the best components of the market and to build robust machines while being reliable.

Our Products

Inverted Snow Blowers

Allow you to clean the snow by moving backward. The position of the adjustable skid shoes will give you a better performance depending on the work to be done.

Bidirectional Snow Blowers

By changing the position of the rotary barrel, you can now clean-up by moving forward or backward and thus saving time when cleaning.

Snow Plows

The hydraulic control system gives you full control of the position of the clearing panels and is most effective in all climatic conditions.

Why choose us

10 years experience

The industrial age is characterized by a sustainable and irreversible growth of industrial production, accompanied by transformations in the organization of production.

Honesty and reliability

The latter is carried out by specialized organismes, which are created by professionals in a given sector of activity.


The warranty conditions of a supplier are mostly defined formally in a document distributed with the product or directly in the general conditions of sale.

Customer satisfaction

When we live a good experience with a brand, we are usually willing to give it our confidence a second time. Positive evaluations for a product or service.